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it's the washington yacht club. so, of course, there are lots of questions this morning, exactly how did this fire start? that's going to be part of the investigation, which will be beginning as soon as they have this fire under control. i'm tracee wilkins live this morning in southeast. eun, back to you in the studio. >> tracee, thank you. a blown tire may be to blame for a deadly tour bus accident in new york. the bus was traveling from d.c. to niagara falls when it crashed along interstate 390 in stuben county. that's about 55 miles southeast of rochester. police say the driver lost control of the vehicle, veered down a grassy bank into the woods, and landed on its side. at least two people were killed and three were severely injured. the bus was carrying 37 passengers. investigators will interview the driver and the witnesses as well as inspect the bus to determine what caused the crash. one person was killed in a crash in dickerson in montgomery county along mt. eprhaim road.
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the police say when they arrived on the scene, the car was fully engulfed in flames. police looking for witnesses to who may have shot a teenager overnight. the 14-year-old was shot in the neck near the intersection of stanton road and alabama avenue in southeast. the teenager seems to have suffered a grazed wound but is not cooperating with investigators. if you have any information, you're asked to please call police. the summer scorcher is here. a heat wave will hit washington as well as much of the nation. air conditioners working overtime in some parts of the country. crops in texas not doing too well due to the drought there. much of the central united states is under a heat dome and not moving much. heat warnings and advisories in place in 17 states from texas to michigan as temperatures hit triple digits in some spots. the district is also taking heat precautions now. d.c. trash and recycling crews will pick up trash earlier than usual to avoid the extreme heat during the day.
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the department of public works says it wants to protect the health of its workers. that's a smart idea considering it is the coolest now and it's only getting worse. >> it is going to get worse, especially toward the end of the week. we're talking about probably some of the hottest conditions we've seen around here, highest heat of the summer with consecutive days probably above 95 degrees coming our way this week. let's take a look at the temperatures throughout the area. good morning, cleveland park. you're at 76 degrees. la plata at 70. springfield 70 degrees. laytonsville and gaithersburg currently sitting at 72 degrees. good thing, at least for this morning, there is a light breeze blowing out there right now. nothing to report on live digital doppler, but this afternoon there's a slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm around fauquier county and spots towards rappahannock and culpepper county to the southwest and a chance of getting a little rain in here.
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here's your day planner forecast. 9:00 a.m., the temperature 83. by noontime, close to 90. we are expected to top out at 92. a look at your afternoon planner, again, into the 90s. let's get a look at traffic with danella sealock. danella? >> good morning, veronica. it's a great start to this monday morning. so far your roadways are clear and peaceful. let's take a live look. this is at new hampshire beltway, inner loop and outer loop you are clear. key bridge, bridges are looking nice. woodrow wilson bridge is looking good, so the key bridge. 14th street bridge is nice and clear. i'll be back in ten minutes with another update. pat and eun, back to you. this morning casey anthony is waking up a free woman, but her whereabouts are unknown. she walked out of the jail in orlando early sunday morning greeted by protestors. she walked out with about $540 in her jail account. she's now facing several
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lawsuits. her attorneys say she is exploring her opportunities now that she's free. a jury found anthony not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter but did find her guilty of lying to police. with just two weeks before america defaults on its debt and a week of failed negotiations behind, congress may soon turn to plan "b." that's the plan introduced by senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. it would give the president authority to raise the debt ceiling but also force democrats to take the political hit. that's why senate majority leader harry reid is working with mcconnell to soften the deal. reid wants to include $1.5 trillion in spending cuts, a payroll tax cut extension, and an agreement on funding levels for the next two years to avoid another shutdown. it would also establish a deficit reduction committee. plan "b" is gaining bipartisan support, but some republicans want something more drastic. >> we've got to get this job done. the president is there standing by, willing to help us, but we have got to accept the initiative as elected leaders in
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congress to really solve this problem and move america's economy forward. >> we send to the states a constitutional amendment that would force congress to balance the budget. let's let the states and the american people decide. >> the tea party members are expected to introduce that balanced budget constitutional amendment this week on the house floor. it is not expected to pass. there will be plenty of money at the white house today in the form of some of the nation's most prominent billionairs. president obama is hosting warren buffett along with bill and melinda gates along with other members of the giving pledge. the giving pledge was founded by buffett and gates last year. it's for those committed to giving more than half their wealth to charitable causes. 69 individuals and families have signed on so far. today two former employees of robert ehrlich will be in
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court for the so-called robocall controversy. >> everything is fine. the only thing left is to watch on tv tonight. >> in june a grand jury indicted the two operatives for allegedly using this robocall to try to discourage voters from going to the polls. last year a robocall went out to voters in prince george's county on election day saying democrat o'malley had already won the election so democrats could stay home. if you go out to adams morgan on the weekend, you'll likely see the guardian angels walking the streets to keep everyone safe there. business owners have requested the angels' presence in the hopes of fighting crime in the neighborhood. news 4's tracy spencer spent a night out in adams morgan, and here's what she found. >> back up! move! move! let's go! >> reporter: this a typical saturday night in adams morgan, when the narrow sidewalks are so jammed people walk in the street.
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♪ >> let's go! let's go! >> reporter: adams morgan has become a party destination for young people looking for a night out, where some say anything goes. >> i mean, it might be some people acting up and wild, but it's adams morgan. what can you ask for? >> sometimes you see people that want to fight. you see people that just loiter and stand around and don't have anything to do. >> reporter: critics say the crowds packing the strip of bars and restaurants on 18th street northwest have gotten out of control. >> so you get stepped on or shoulders get bumped. you know, that's all it takes to start a scuffle or a fight. >> reporter: residents here estimate that thousands of people come to adams morgan on the weekends, and there aren't enough police to handle the fights for the large crowds that pour into the streets at closing time. >> the police have created an environment where adams morgan is the place to go to do anything you want all through the night. >> reporter: from midnight to 4:00 a.m. we roamed 18th street to see what it's really like. we counted three arrests. two men were taken into custody
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following a fight around 2:30 in the morning. many told us it's all part of the night life here. >> first of all, there's a lot of guys, and they always just try to grab you, and you've just got to keep running. second of all, the police just go crazy because there's too many people out here. >> reporter: police chief cathy lanier has told community leaders in e-mails that she's aware of the issues, and she's working to get more resources in adams morgan. those leaders are tired of waiting. >> if it means they want the residents to start a neighborhood watch, we'll do that. if they want more cooperation in other ways, we're willing to do it. we're just asking them to do what they can to help us out. >> reporter: darcy spencer, "news 4 today." new from overnight, general david petraeus stepped down from his post as the top u.s. commander in afghanistan. there was a change of command ceremony this morning where he officially gave control of the mission to lieutenant colonel david rodriguez. general petraeus plans to retire from the army at the beginning of august and assume the cia
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director's job on september 6th. ahead a heartbreaker for the u.s. women. this morning why one young fan has become an internet sensation.
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duke and duchess of cambridge invited by the queen to scotland. apparently, this is the first time kate has been invited to the balmoral estate. the queen spends time there every september. it's going to be a steamy week starting out this monday morning. let's get the latest on the weather today with veronica johnson in the storm center. >> today is going to be one of those days, in fact one of those weeks, coming right through the weekend where you're going to want to stay hydrated. temperatures this morning running in the 70s already. it's 76 degrees at reagan national airport. they've got a light wind out of the south and southwest at 8 miles per hour. let's take a look at the temperatures throughout the area right now. anacostia at 76. college park at 77. camp springs 71. and rockville at 70 degrees currently. your day planner forecast. by noontime, 89 degrees. by 5:00 p.m. temperature 91. so it really is going to be
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turning quite hot around the area. meanwhile, as you take a look at your four-day forecast, low to mid-90s first part of the week. upper 90s the latter part of the week. we'll take a look more at your seven day forecast in just a few minutes. danella? >> good morning. before all that heat kicks off right now, our roads are calm and peaceful. i can tell you in d.c., i'm checking the roadways for you. good morning, d.c. so far no accidents or incidents to report. let's shoot up to 270 in maryland. 270 north and south looks good as well. as we head over to 95. this is right here in lorton, virginia. i can tell you, if you're traveling 95 north and south, your lanes are clear. if you're continuing on to 395 making your way towards the city, it is a smooth commute as well. back to you, pat and eun. >> thank you, danella. 4:43. 74 degrees. still to come, the ipad ad mistake that has a lot of people upset this morning.
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this morning the former editor at "news of the world," rebecca brooks, is out of jail. meanwhile scotland yard's top cop has resigned amid the phone hacking scandal in great britain. the head of the london police department, sir paul stevenson, has resigned. he quit under intense pressure after it was revealed that scotland yard hired a former "news of the world" editor as a media consultant. that editor has also been arrested in connection with the scandal. >> i and the people who know me know that my integrity is completely intact. i may wish i had done some things differently, but i will not lose any sleep over my personal integrity. >> british lawmakers are preparing to grill rupert and james murdoch. a parliamentary committee will question the duo about the scandal tomorrow. police release the
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identities of the two people involved in a plane crash in st. mary's county on friday. 55-year-old james dayton of mechanicsville, maryland, was killed in that crash. the pilot, 53-year-old nicholas morales of fredericksburg, maryland, was injured. we don't know the extent of his injuries. police say the glider crashed into some power lines shortly after takeoff. the ntsb is investigating the crash. the city of manassas is getting ready to welcome a flood of history bluffs for a celebration marking the first major battle at the civil war. this coming weekend marks the 150th anniversary of the battle of bull run, also known as the first battle of manassas. 300 horses and 8,500 reenactors along with thousands of spectators will converge on the site of the battle. the celebration will be great for business, but locals say even more important is to never forget what happened there 150 years ago. >> it has a lot of significance to me because i left this area when i was like 17 years old,
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and i didn't really pay attention as a kid to the wealth of the history here, and i just moved back here from california. so for the last two years i've been doing nothing but reading. >> the reenactment will be just one highlight of next weekend's festivities. there will also be historic balls, a parade, and plenty of speakers, art, and music to help people turn back the clock. today could be the beginning of the end for the nfl's four-month lockout. owners and players will meet with a mediator in new york to try to finalize a deal before a special owners meeting in atlanta on thursday. the league's 32 owners could approve a deal at one of those meetings if one is ready. the two sides have made lots of progress in recent weeks, agreeing on how to split revenues, a rookie wage scale, and free agent rules. the players union still needs to be reestablished, and a lawsuit filed by nine players needs to be settled. a colorado woman is in trouble, accused of groping a tsa agent.
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the tsa says 61-year-old eukari mahame grabbed an agent's breast at a checkpoint at the airport. they say she refused to go through screening and started arguing with agents, eventually groping one of them. mahame admits to grabbing the agent. she's now facing felony sexual abuse charges. you know the saying f it seems too good to be true, it probably is. it's not good enough for some shoppers who are upset with sears this morning. sears posted an online ad selling the ipad2 for $69. come on. here's a look at the ad from sears says it was a typo by a third party vendor. the ipad normally sells for $744. couple of digits missing there. sears says it refunded all the people who bought the ipad for the lower price. >> oops. the u.s. women's soccer team will return to the states today after a heartbreaking loss to japan in the world cup finals. tied at 1, the u.s. scored early
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in the overtime period to go ahead 2-1. but japan scored with just four minutes remaining in the game to force penalty kicks. in the shootout, a near miss by carly lloyd spelled doom for the americans as japan won the shootout 4-2 to win the 2011 world cup. after the game, star forward abby wambach couldn't mask her disappointment. >> obviously, it's not what we wanted. we wanted a gold medal. we wanted to bring the cup home. seems like the japanese team had nerves of steel. their keeper makes a couple good saves on our penalties, and that's the difference. >> meanwhile, japan was celebrated through the night. it was an historic win, the first women's world cup title for japan. the victory is also seen as an emotional boost for the country, which is still dealing with the damage and devastation from that earthquake and tsunami last march. >> despite the loss, there was a bit of fun from yesterday's
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game. one fan has become an internet hit for his unique way of celebrating. take a look at what happened after alex morgan scored america's first goal. in the stands, a young man just can't help himself. he just lifts up his shirt, just caught up in the excitement from that goal. the clip of the world cup flasher, as he's known now, has been up for less than 24 hours and already has more than 12,000 views. >> i guess we could say he could barely contain himself. >> oh, my goodness. he's an internet hit. you think he's having any regrets this morning like, oh, my gosh, look at me. >> some boys just like taking their shirts off >> and you'll need to do that on a day like this. >> that's right. just make sure you put the sun block on first. >> exactly. coming our way, folks, some very, very hot, humid, and oppressive days, very sultry overnight period. right now there are 12 states out there with excessive heat warnings. 12 states. that's the heat that will be
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spreading this way. that's where some of the highest temperatures currently are. let's take a look right now. we're at 76 degrees. reagan national, wind out of the south-southwest at 8 miles per hour. we've got a little bit of a light breeze that's blowing right now. other readings throughout the area, dulles at 71 degrees. 70 degrees in loudoun county, leesburg. 76 right no town. all right. our radar currently not showing anything at all, but i think that later today there is the possibility of a few -- i do mean a few -- isolated showers and maybe even some thunderstorms just to the south and west around towards harrison and culpepper and madison. maybe late in the day, a few isolated showers and storms coming after midnight. a temperature of 92 degrees here.
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90 in ma nas an. winchester up to 90 degrees. gaithersburg, you'll hit a high today of 90 degrees. lots of sunshine. not much in the way of hazy sunshine today. that's going to come tomorrow and assuredly for the rest of the week. hot and humid conditions, 89 to 93. for your evening, expect temperatures to start cooling down from 87 to 80 with a southwest wind. that isolated thunderstorm possibility. here's a look at your next four days from the lower mid-90s first half of the week to mid and upper 90s the latter half of the week. thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday, danella, could easily approach 100 degrees with heat indices well over 105. back to you. >> oh, my gosh, that sounds hot. so far our roadways are cool at this time. i promise you we're going to heat up just a little later. right now let's celebrate the cool. if you're traveling 295 or on route 50 making your way from maryland heading to d.c., the roadway looks good and clear. if you continue on to new york avenue, here's a look right here. you can have fellow commuters driving along with you, but no
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significant delays at this time as we shoot over to the beltway in virginia. this is at robinson terminal. beltway looks great in virginia. local roadways, i'm checking for you too. this is in maryland. new hampshire avenue and lockwood drive. all is calm on the roadways right now. back to you, pat and eun. >> thanks. carmageddon is officially over. drivers honked their horns as the 23-mile stretch along the roadway reopened. the backups never happened. the mayor of los angeles declared mission accomplished and thanks drivers for staying off the roads. gas prices seem to be back on their way up. the national average for a gallon of regular is at $3.67, up 5 cents from just a week ago. here in our area, washington, d.c., has seen a penny increase. it's now at $3.87. virginia has seen a 7 cent jump
4:55 am
from $3.52 to $3.59 a gallon on average. maryland prices have jumped up 3 cents to $3.68. and west virginia saw a 6 cent increase in the price of gas, prices at $3.69 a gallon. coming up, the mega move the astronauts will undertake today. >> so, ah, your seat good?
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got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. and leave your phone in your purse, i don't want you texting. >> daddy... ok! ok, here you go. be careful. >> thanks dad. >> and call me--but not while you're driving. we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru.
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i'll set the bloody place on fire! >> the boy wizard is now a hollywood legend. "harry potter and the deathly hallows: part 2" raked in a record $168.6 million in its opening weekend, and that beats the previous record set by "the dark knight." the movie brings an end to the harry potter series. many children grew up reading the books and watching the movies. now it's all over. justin timberlake accepted an invitation to attend the annual marine corps ball. corporal kelsey desantis posted this video on youtube asking timberlake to join her at the ball in november right here in d.c. desantis is a marine martial arts instructor and a
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competitive cage fighter. this comes after another marine asked timberlake's "friends with benefits"costar, mila kunis, on a blind date, but she may have to cancel due to a scheduling conflict. >> i'd like to take betty white. she's funny. she's sweet. she's mature. she's the all around perfect woman. >> that's right. another celebrity was invited to the marine corps ball. marine sergeant ray lewis said he wants to take betty white. you heard him say it. there's no word if the actress has seen the video yet. at this rate, it's going to be an all-star marine corps ball this year. >> i'm betting you're right. >> who's going to turn them down? >> let's see if she does. the crew of the space shuttle "atlantis" is awake and ready for work on this monday. >> later this morning, the astronauts will say good-bye to the international space station and close the hatch to the 30-yea

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